Before getting my bulldog, I did a ton of research online to gain a better understanding of the various breeds.  I quickly found that information on bulldog breeds to be disparate and spread out over many different websites and articles.  I have consolidated the basic information on the different bulldog breeds so you can quickly see the key differences between the key types of bulldog breeds.   The breeds of bulldogs range from bulldog mix breeds, large bulldog breeds, miniature bulldog breeds to rare bulldog breeds. We have also included some fun pictures, videos and other fun bulldog stuff for enjoyment.

List of Bulldog Breeds:

English Bulldog BreedsEnglish Bulldog Bye Bye

English Bulldogs are medium sized, short, stocky, wrinkly, and have a distinctive smashed in looking nose (like they ran real fast and head first straight into a brick wall).   Historically, English Bulldogs were breed to fight bulls.  They have very strong jaws and flexible back leg joints for this purpose.  Today’s English Bulldog mix breeds are great loyal companion dogs but can be stubborn and they are not athletic (exercise minimalists like myself).  If you are interested in rescuing one of these types of dogs, please visit our English Bulldog Rescue directory.


Favorite English Bulldog Videos:

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Additional Fun English Bulldog Merchandise


French Bulldog BreedsFrench Bulldog Puppies

French bulldogs are similar looking to English bulldogs but have larger distinctive ears.  They are affectionate, good companion dogs, and appear to have less health issues that English breeds.  One of the more popular French Bulldog mix breeds are the Blue French Bulldog that have a soft grayish blue looking coat.  If you are interested in rescuing one  of these types of dogs, please visit our French Bulldog Rescue directory.

Favorite French Bulldog Videos:


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Additional French Bulldog Merchandise


Australian Bulldog

The Australian Bulldog also known as the Aussie Bulldog is a more recent breed of bulldog.  They have been bred to look like a bulldog but with the goal to reduce typical health issues bulldogs experience such as hip dysplasia.

Favorite Australian Bulldog Videos:


Fun Australian Bulldog Merchandise


Mini Bulldogs

Miniature Bulldogs also known as mini bulldogs or teacup bulldogs are typically a smaller bulldog breeds stemming from a version of either English or French bulldogs.   These small dog breeds are created by mixing bulldogs with Pugs, Boston Terriers, or French Bulldogs.  They come in both Mini French Bulldog and Mini English Bulldog breeds and are adorable little guys as you can see in the photographs and videos below.

Favorite Mini Bulldog Videos:

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Additional Mini Bulldog Fun Merchandise


Victorian Bulldogs

Victorian Bulldogs are a larger version of English bulldogs that tend to be more athletic.  They have both longer legs and muzzle while still maintaining the bulldog family look.  These big boned dogs may be protective.

Fun Victorian Bulldog Videos:

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Additional Fun Victorian Bulldog Merchandise


American Bulldogs

American bulldogs are much more active, leaner, and taller version of the English bulldogs.  They are both working dogs and house pets.  They are very active and need lots of exercise so not necessary a good breed for apartments.

Favorite American Bulldog Videos:

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If you are interesting in learning more about bulldog care, please visit our Bulldog Food area of the site.