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This website was created to help Bulldogs in need to find their next loving home.   In memory of my bulldog LuLu, I have listed some of my thoughts regarding enjoyable moments and her fun characteristics.


  1. How she picked me out when we first met that summer day in the Avenues.

 LuLu Puppy

  1. Her perfect markings.
  2. Her huge smile and big brown eyes in a sea of multiplying wrinkles.

LuLu Brown Eyes

  1. I just knew there was a tail in there somewhere.
  2. That extra special wrinkle located just above the nose.
  3. The pitter patter of giant feet.
  4. Her amazingly huge heart of gold.
  5. “Tweezer-Butt” with matching Fuzzy Pants that had the perfect seam running down the back of them.
  6. How crazy she would look at me when demonstrating how to use her new doggie door.
  7. How passionate she was about food.


  1. The way she tilted her head when you spoke to her.
  2. How my nose fit perfectly in the divot between her eyes.
  3. Those special Eskimo kisses.
  4. How she loved that shady spot on her own private deck.
  5. How she would dance in place and was always so happy to greet me when we came home.
  6. All the tiny scratch scars on my hands from all the “rough housing”.
  7. LuLu always had the last word.
  8. How she defied the Vet & staff by always leaving a special “present” for them on the tile in their main foyer.
  9. Bedtime was always 9PM sharp!
  10. When she ran it was clear she needed an alignment.
  11. How she was all bark and no bite.
  12. She didn’t care at all for the “F” word.
  13. How she just loved being snuggly tucked into her favorite blanket in the mornings and the clearly distinguishable “Emmmm Hughhhhh”.

LuLu Sleeping

  1. How the end of her tongue would always be sticking out in the mornings.

LuLu Tongue

  1. In the summer time, she loved the feel of the grass on her belly.

LuLu Grass

  1. That crazy way how she would sleep on her back at times.

LuLu Back

  1. How she always mysteriously ended up relaxing on the couches she was never supposed to be on in the first place.

LuLu Couch2

  1. How she would always snuggle up and take a nap with me on the couch.
  1. How super frightened she was during thunder & lightning.  She just never could seem push up close enough to me as she trembled.
  2. How her body scrunched up as she ran on her tip toes threw the sprinklers.
  3. She could make anyone melt with that pouty face she would make and of course, her infamous, turn and face away from you followed by a big sigh to be sure to get your attention.  Sigh repeated every few minutes until she did get your attention.
  4. Her very special tutu angel-winged Halloween costume.

LuLu TuTu

  1. The way she moved those tall blinds with her head to get a good look at who is at the door.
  2. The way half her face would disappear when she yawned.
  3. Those crazy outbursts where she would run around the house like a crazy girl playing, hide behind the couch and repeat.
  4. Always so excited when the pizza man was at the door.
  5. Always right there at your feet in the bathroom to help you get ready each morning.
  6. Relentlessly aspired to become the next Dora the Explorer.
  7. No matter what happened while I was gone, it was never LuLu’s fault.  There was always an explanation and she always emerged as a hero.  Just like that time she kept burglars from taking the xmas presents from under the tree.  Although I never did figure out how all the tree ornaments were removed from the tree but only from about LuLu’s height down.  Hyyyymmm.
  8. Insatiable cuddle monkey who loved hugs.
  9. How she just loved playing in the snow and hopping like a bunny rabbit through the deep stuff.
  10. How she couldn’t decide if she wanted to play with a toy or drink when she turned 21 in dog years.

LuLu Beer

  1. Begged with an enormous concentration, unstoppable stare, and never blinked an eye.
  2. Always happy to do her part around the house and lend a hand by thoroughly pre cleaning the dishes within reach.
  3. How she always managed to just barely keep out of reach of the vacuum.
  4. When riding in the car, she would put her front legs on the console between the front seats, rest her chin on my shoulder and stare out the windshield.
  5. She loved those car rides.

LuLu Car

  1. How she would go to the office with me sometimes and would take the special route through the building to avoid those pesky corporate security cameras.
  2. I would tell her not to jump into the shrubs and she would look straight at me, grin and jump right in anyways.

LuLu Bushes

  1. How she added that extra spit-shine to my dress shoes.
  2. Always keeping cool in the summer by sitting directly on the air conditioning vent. Always keeping warm in the winter by laying in the sunlight coming in through the windows.
  3. How everyone would smile when they saw her for the first time and how their eyes would light up once they got to know her.
  4. How thrilled she would be when I would stop off on my way home on paydays and pick her up a special treat and a toy.
  5. Somehow she charmed her grandparents enough to drive all the way out to Willard while we were at work and sneak her treats through the deck slats.
  6. How she rose to become a Social Media superstar on Facebook where she embarrassingly outpaced a global corporation and her account kept getting froze for growing too fast.  “I enjoy food, very short walks, treats, naps, and snacks”.

 LuLu Social M

  1. Our “serenity time” we enjoyed on those majestic walks on the mountain together.

LuLu Mtn

  1. My loyal spotter during exercise work outs.
  2. How she would watch over me like a hawk when I was sick.
  3. Wake me up in the middle of the night hovering over me with a toy and wanting to play oh so badly.
  4. How she would just walk up at times and kiss me out of the blue.
  5. How I would let her in the passenger side of the car, walk around to the driver side only to find her sitting in the driver’s seat.
  6. The joy and quality she brought to my life.
  7. Her oh so perfect wave bye-bye.

LuLu Bye1LuLu Bye2LuLu Bye3


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